Passenger / Goods Lift Cabins in Scotland from Consult Lifts

Our cabins for new lift packages are manufactured in a separate, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility staffed by highly qualified personnel with extensive experience in the field.

Exceptional quality, wide selection of materials and modern designs are some of the main features distinguishing our cabins.

We also offer bespoke Cabins manufactured locally to special design through CLS Fabrication Division for our refurbishment projects.

Consult Lifts are the Leading Provider of Passenger / Goods Lift Cabins in Scotland.

The Advantages of Passenger / Goods Lift Cabins:

• Flexible design tailored to each project requirement
• Fast delivery
• Robust structure that eliminates vibrations during transportation
• Absolute compatibility between the cabin and car sling
• Improved safety and easier installation
• Materials are carefully selected based on durability and aesthetics
• Wide selection of accessories - COPs - displays etc.
• Design, manufacture and assembly

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