FlexyLIFT Passenger / Goods Lifts in Scotland from Consult Lifts

FlexyLIFT is our Hydraulic Lift package solution and means flexible dimensions: ideal for any building with pit and headroom limitations for rated load from 450kg to 1.000kg.

FlexyLIFT indirect acting hydraulic lift is ideal for existing or new residential buildings that have pit and headroom limitations. The option of a small cabinet for the power unit and controller enables installation in shafts with or without a machine room.

FlexyLIFT is a cost-effective, eco-friendly and versatile lift solution that can be adapted to fit specific shaft dimensions and machine room requirements. Offering a rated load capability of 450–1000kg, almost no pit depth requirements and a minimum headroom of 2600mm, FlexyLIFT is the perfect solution for lift modernisation in low and mid-rise buildings.

Consult Lifts are the Leading Provider of the FlexyLIFT Passenger / Goods Lifts in Scotland.

FlexyLIFT Features:

• Flexible machine room location: one product, two solutions
• FlexyLIFT MRL, no machine room at all!
• FlexyLIFT MR, minimum requirement for a small cabinet
• It includes the power unit and the controller
• Smaller Pit Depth
• Flexible, state of the art, environment friendly, hydraulic solution
• Min Req. shaft pit dimensions: 350mm for FlexyLIFT MR (up to 630kg)
• Min Req. for shaft pit dimensions: 900mm for FlexyLIFT MRL (up to 1000kg)
• Minimum requirements for headroom dimensions: 2600mm
• High quality electronic valve at the power unit
• Retractable cabin roof balustrade (complete with electric sensor)
• Shaft pit prop (complete with electric sensor)
• Telescopic toeguard (complete with electric sensor)
• Exceptional leveling accuracy and very smooth ride
• Automatic emergency evacuation
• Ease of installation
• Mechanism to ensure installer's safety
• Quiet operation
• Max speed 1.0m/sec

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