Panoramic Passenger / Goods Lifts in Scotland from Consult Lifts

Panoramic Cabins, internal or external, add value to the building, highlighting the uniqueness of its style and design. Ride between floors becomes an exceptional experience in comfort.

Due to the flexible design and manufacturing process implemented, panoramic cabins can meet all requirements and architectural challenges.

Through a large variety of designs and interior materials, panoramic cabins may turn into an excellent choice for hotels, shopping centres, office buildings, and other public places where user experience is at the forefront of your vision.

Consult Lifts are the Leading Provider of Panoramic Passenger / Goods Lifts in Scotland.

We can create panoramic class, outside or inside your building. Featuring a range of customisable design solutions, Atlas L is our first choice for panoramic lifts.

The Advantages of Atlas L:

• World class design
• Emergency evacuation
• Eco-friendly
• Fast delivery

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