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Training goes up another level!

Consult is delighted to announce that we have just taken delivery of our new training and demonstration unit that we purchased from Hydroware (UK) Limited incorporating the latest features from their Veni range, allowing us to demonstrate the Hydroware capabilities to clients and engineers alike, contact us to arrange a visit to our office to see what we can provide for you!

Our chairman Phil Reilly taking receipt of the new unit from Jason Comber of Hydroware
Jason begins the setup….
It seems we have powered up ok….
and presto! We are good to go!


Here’s a sneak peek at some jobs that we’ve been working on lately in the East coast!

The first one was a job to replace the hydraulic tank/ motor and controls of a lift along with new doors and operators with some finish touches of handrails and a new stainless steel ceiling.

The second is some social housing projects currently in progress (we’re not finished yet!) and we think they are going to be very smart once done.

Need some work done on your lift? – Let us know what you need!

Space Lift 2020

Consult Lift Services is absolutely delighted to announce the launch of our new Space Lift!
Launching from Central Scotland in 2020, the new Fälschung prototype carriage will travel at 75m/s in a fully pressurised Deluxe Cabin, contact our sales team for details!

*just a bit of fun on April Fools!

Fleet Upgrade!

To kick off the start of 2019, we decided it was time to upgrade some of our fleet for the field engineers and in line with our ECO Stars certification.

We’ve purchased 4 new Vans and 1 Flat Bed Truck to allow us more efficient deliveries and minimise downtime for van servicing.

We think they look quite dashing, wouldn’t you agree?

Training and Development

Consult Lift Services is proud to be a firm believer in training and developing our staff to the very best of their ability and is a local industry leader in our field and with 2019, has made another development with the addition of a new in house training/showroom!

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